La Plage Mustique – the eco-responsible beach pop-up with zero carbon footprint- returns to Mustique for a new season from 28 December 2022 until 7 February 2023.

A culinary performance of sharing and on local food enhanced by the discovery, knowledge and taste of existing produce available in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, La Plage Mustique also aims to strengthen the link between all the communities of Mustique and the Grenadines.

Initiated by chef Armand Arnal and Maja Hoffmann during a visit to Mustique in 2020, La Plage Mustique quickly became a welcome addition on the island.

Designed by Samy Rio (former Designer in Residence, Atelier Luma), the beach pop-up has been re-constructed for its second year by teams from Gelliceaux House and the maintenance team of the Mustique Company under local supervision of Elisabeth Richards.

Chefs in Residence
28 December 2022 – 21 January 2023

Céline Pham with Agathe de Buretel, Rafaëlle Emery and Chloé Bovon will be joined by a local team.

Céline opened the restaurant Inari in July 2022 in Arles, a town she immediately fell in love with. She previously worked four-handed with Armand Arnal at La Chassagnette and co-created the memorable opening night dinner of Luma Arles in 2021.

Chefs in Residence
22 January – 7 February 2023

Armand Arnal will return on 22 January 2023 with Numa Müller, an independent chef born in Arles (France), where he last worked at Le Chardon.

Both will be joined by Jérémy Marratch and stay until the end of the Mustique Blues Festival the second week in February 2023.

La Plage Mustique is open for reservations now and offers daily changing menus prepared on Dolly Beach from locally sourced produce.
Lunch and Dinner tasting Tuesday to Sunday from 28 December 2022.
Except on 28 Dec 2022 & 1 Jan 2023: Dinner tasting only.


We opened a dedicated account at the Mustique Company both for payments and donations: La Plage Mustique.

Proceeds of La Plage Mustique will go to a Mustique-based charitable cause. Several ideas are in discussion.

Thank you in advance for all your support.


Armand Arnal
(28 Dec – 1 Jan 2023)

Céline Pham
(28 Dec – 21 Jan 2023)

Agathe de Buretel 
Rafaëlle Emery and 
Chloé Bovon 

Armand Arnal
Numa Müller
(22 Jan – 7 Feb 2023)


Keon Douglas
Alford Gaymes
Jarod Mason
Gerald Roberts

Celine Mc Inniss Hinds
Javid Neverson
Joash Phillips
Yvonne Quashie
Nicholas Richards
Richard Rodney
Ben Sutherland



Stanley Buchthal
Roger Pritchard
Sandra Roemermann

Photography & Film:
Victor Picon / Victor & Simon